This is the training where the big picture of the OBM is introduced. The most important concepts of the OBM and its four main models are presented to participants.

The OBM is a model that explains life and human nature and since all these could be approached as systems, how systems functions are explained in this training.

Human nature is interpreted to be an organizing system and it’s primary structures (“perception, meaning, emotion, capability, and behavior”) are explained systemically.

In addition, how a system changes is addressed at this five day training.

During the training, the first principle “first understand!” and the question “what really happens to me/us?” is answered and the most time is spent on making sure the concepts are understood. Question and answers are secondarily addressed, and applications take even less space.

The training’s outcome is for truths related to life and humans to be addressed in a wholistic explanation. Examples are given at individual, family, company/organization, and society levels in a way that makes clear that all four operate with the same principles. Attendees “get” their learning needs met as much as they are ready for and their priorities. Because the training describes life in a structural way, any person attending the training, whether a CEO, a professor, an engineer, a psychologist, a student or a house wife, typically leaves saying “This is truly the best educational experience I’ve ever had!”

Because in time the training is optimized, and because people evolve, people can and do come to the training repeatedly. There are practitioners that have attended OBM 1 more than 10 times. Most people prefer to repeat once every 2-3 years.

Because they notice something new to them every time, they typically say “I’m glad I came to this training again, I learned something really significant again!” and tend to come back.

The Optimum Balance book and OBM I have been designed to complement one another. If you read the book after attending the training, most people understand OBM even better.

A percentage of all proceeds are transferred to the not for profit OBM Foundation.

Optimum Balance Model I can be attended by anybody over the age of 18. We do not advise people who are undergoing psychiatric treatment to attend. There is a 50% discount for reattendees.