Attendees of OBM I who learn the fundamental concepts and begin to understand what’s happening to them begin to ask this second question: “How can I begin to change, ameliorate these?

OBM II has been designed to address these questions.

OBM II is delivered experientially and spontaneously, and as such no two trainings is alike. Generally, it is delivered as 2 days once a month, thus becomes a training that takes 4 months to complete. This design was implemented because it takes up to a month to internalize the learning of each 2 day of training. Trainings take place over a weekend.

In OBM II explications are shorter, and applications take the majority of time. Applications are delivered exclusively by Tamer Dovucu.

In the beginning of the training, attendees set 5 personal goals. These are outcomes they have not been able to accomplish with their own ends. Fear of flying, losing weight, inability to say no, public speaking, quiting smoking. These types of problems are specific to the individual and as the person understands themselves and the channels of internal communication are opened, the individual becomes capable of implementing the regulatory systems that can resolve the problem. We could say, the person is taught how to live in harmony with themselves. After 4 months, an average attendee realizes 3-4 of his/her 5 goals. And understands why s/he hasn’t been able to realize the ones s/he hasn’t.

In the first month, the depression quadrant and the concept of balance is explained. How these are formed and how they can be protected.

In the second month, the anxiety quadrant, and the concept of labor is explained.

In the third month, the success quadrant and the concept of mind is explained.

In the fourth month, the inner peace quadrant, our interpretation of heart, and the concepts of health are explained, thus completing the four quadrants of the OBM.

In this training, people change right in front of you. Awareness, harmony, balance, optimization evolve from being a concept to very real, and alive aspects of experience.

The OBM becomes an enlightening experience in one’s quest to understand life, yourself, and others.

A percentage of the proceeds are transferred to the not for profit OBM Foundation.

To join Optimum Balance II, you have to be over 21 years old, and have completed OBM I. We do not suggest people undergoing psychiatric treatment to attend.